Source code for pyam.datareader

from pyam import IamDataFrame

    import pandas_datareader.wb as wb

except ImportError:  # pragma: no cover
    wb = None

[docs]def read_worldbank(model="World Bank", scenario="WDI", **kwargs): """Read data from the World Bank Data Catalogue and return as IamDataFrame This function is a simple wrapper for the class :class:`pandas_datareader.wb.WorldBankReader` and the function :func:``. Import the module to retrieve/search the list of indicators (and their id's), countries, etc. .. code-block:: python from pandas_datareader import wb Parameters ---------- model : str, optional The `model` name to be used for the returned timeseries data. scenario : str, optional The `scenario` name to be used for the returned timeseries data. kwargs passed to :func:`` Notes ----- The function :func:`` takes an `indicator` argument, which can be a string or list of strings. If the `indicator` passed to :func:`read_worldbank` is a dictionary of a World Bank id mapped to a string, the variables in the returned IamDataFrame will be renamed. The function :func:`` does not return a unit, but it can be collected for some indicators using the function :func:`pandas_datareader.wb.get_indicators`. In the current implementation, unit is defined as `n/a` for all data; this can be enhanced later (if there is interest from users). Returns ------- :class:`IamDataFrame` """ if not HAS_DATAREADER: # pragma: no cover raise ImportError("Required package `pandas-datareader` not found!") data =**kwargs) df = IamDataFrame( data.reset_index(), model=model, scenario=scenario, value=data.columns, unit="n/a", region="country", ) # TODO use wb.get_indicators to retrieve corrent units (where available) # if `indicator` is a mapping, use it for renaming if "indicator" in kwargs and isinstance(kwargs["indicator"], dict): df.rename(variable=kwargs["indicator"], inplace=True) return df