pyam: analysis and visualization of integrated-assessment scenarios

Release v0.5.0.

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The open-source Python package pyam [1] provides a suite of tools and functions for analyzing and visualizing input data (i.e., assumptions/parametrization) and results (model output) of integrated-assessment scenarios, energy systems analysis, and sectoral studies.

Key features:

  • Simple analysis of timeseries data in the IAMC format (more about it here)
    with an interface similar in feel & style to the widely used pandas.DataFrame

  • Advanced visualization and plotting functions (see the gallery)

  • Features for scripted validation & processing of scenario data and results

The source code for pyam is available on Github.


pyam is available under the open source Apache License.

Scientific reference


Matthew Gidden and Daniel Huppmann. pyam: a Python package for the analysis and visualization of models of the interaction of climate, human, and environmental Systems. Journal of Open Source Software (JOSS), 4(33):1095, 2019. doi:10.21105/joss.01095.