Source code for pyam.figures

import logging

import pandas as pd
from pyam.index import get_index_levels

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

    import plotly.graph_objects as go

    HAS_PLOTLY = True
except ImportError:  # pragma: no cover
    go = None
    HAS_PLOTLY = False

[docs] def sankey(df, mapping): """Plot a sankey diagram It is currently only possible to create this diagram for single years. Parameters ---------- df : :class:`pyam.IamDataFrame` Data to be plotted mapping : dict Assigns the source and target component of a variable .. code-block:: python { variable: (source, target), } Returns ------- fig : :class:`plotly.graph_objects.Figure` """ if not HAS_PLOTLY: # pragma: no cover raise ImportError( "Missing optional dependency `plotly`, use pip or conda to install" ) # Check for duplicates for col in [name for name in df.dimensions if name != "variable"]: levels = get_index_levels(df._data, col) if len(levels) > 1: raise ValueError(f"Non-unique values in column {col}: {levels}") # Concatenate the data with source and target columns _df = pd.DataFrame.from_dict( mapping, orient="index", columns=["source", "target"] ).merge(df._data, how="left", left_index=True, right_on="variable") label_mapping = dict( [ (label, i) for i, label in enumerate(set(pd.concat([_df["source"], _df["target"]]))) ] ) _df.replace(label_mapping, inplace=True) region = get_index_levels(_df, "region")[0] unit = get_index_levels(_df, "unit")[0] year = get_index_levels(_df, "year")[0] fig = go.Figure( data=[ go.Sankey( valuesuffix=unit, node=dict( pad=15, thickness=10, line=dict(color="black", width=0.5), label=pd.Series(list(label_mapping)), hovertemplate="%{label}: %{value}<extra></extra>", color="blue", ), link=dict( source=_df.source,, value=_df.value, hovertemplate='"%{source.label}" to "%{target.label}": \ %{value}<extra></extra>', ), ) ] ) fig.update_layout(title_text=f"region: {region}, year: {year}", font_size=10) return fig