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The pyam package has been developed with the explicit aim to facilitate open and collaborative analysis of integrated assessment and climate models. We appreciate contributions to the code base and development of new features.

Please use the GitHub Issues feature to raise questions concerning potential bugs or to propose new features, but search and read resolved/closed topics on similar subjects before raising a new issue.

For contributions to the code base, please use GitHub Pull Requests, including a detailed description of the new feature and unit tests to illustrate the intended functionality. Code submitted via pull requests must adhere to the pep8 style formats and the documentation should follow the numpydoc docstring guide. We are using ruff to check the code style.

We do not require users to sign a Contributor License Agreement, because we believe that when posting ideas or submitting code to an open-source project, it should be obvious and self-evident that any such contributions are made in the spirit of open collaborative development.


# Install Poetry, minimum version >=1.2 required
curl -sSL | python -

# You may have to reinitialize your shell at this point.
source ~/.bashrc

# Activate in-project virtualenvs
poetry config true

# Add dynamic versioning plugin
poetry self add "poetry-dynamic-versioning[plugin]"

# Install dependencies
# (using "--with dev,..." if dependencies should be installed as well)
poetry install --with dev,docs,optional_io_formats,optional_plotting,tutorials,wbdata,unfccc

# Activate virtual environment
poetry shell

Update poetry

Developing pyam requires poetry >= 1.2.

If you already have a previous version of poetry installed you will need to update. The first step is removing the old poetry version:

curl -sSL | python3 - --uninstall

after that, the latest poetry version can be installed using:

curl -sSL | python3 -

details can be found here in the poetry docs:

Resolve conflicts in poetry.lock

When updating dependencies it can happen that a conflict between the current and the target poetry.lock file occurs. In this case the following steps should be taken to resolve the conflict.

  1. Do not attempt to manually resolve in the GitHub web interface.

  2. Instead checkout the target branch locally and merge into your branch:

git checkout main
git pull origin main
git checkout my-branch
git merge main
  1. After the last step you’ll have a merge conflict in poetry.lock.

  2. Instead of resolving the conflict, directly checkout the one from main and rewrite it:

# Get poetry.lock to look like it does in master
git checkout main poetry.lock
# Rewrite the lock file
poetry lock --no-update
  1. After that simply add poetry.lock to mark the conflict as resolved and commit to finalize the merge:

git add poetry.lock
git commit

# and most likely needed
poetry install

(Taken from