pyam: analysis and visualization of integrated-assessment scenarios

Release v0.10.0+23.gb2c050b.

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The open-source Python package pyam [1] provides a suite of tools and functions for analyzing and visualizing input data (i.e., assumptions/parametrization) and results (model output) of integrated-assessment scenarios, energy systems analysis, and sectoral studies.

Key features:

  • Simple analysis of timeseries data in the IAMC format (more about it here)
    with an interface similar in feel & style to the widely used pandas.DataFrame

  • Advanced visualization and plotting functions (see the gallery)

  • Features for scripted validation & processing of scenario data and results

The source code for pyam is available on Github.

Scientific reference


Matthew Gidden and Daniel Huppmann. pyam: a Python package for the analysis and visualization of models of the interaction of climate, human, and environmental Systems. Journal of Open Source Software (JOSS), 4(33):1095, 2019. doi:10.21105/joss.01095.