Source code for pyam.slice

import pandas as pd
from pyam.utils import print_list

[docs] class IamSlice(pd.Series): """A slice object of the IamDataFrame timeseries data index""" @property def _constructor(self): return IamSlice _internal_names = pd.Series._internal_names + ["_iamcache"] _internal_names_set = set(_internal_names) def __init__(self, data=None, index=None, **kwargs): super().__init__(data, index, **kwargs) self._iamcache = dict() def __dir__(self): return self.dimensions + super().__dir__() def __getattr__(self, attr): try: return super().__getattr__(attr) except AttributeError: cache = object.__getattribute__(self, "_iamcache") ret = cache.get(attr) if ret is not None: return ret.tolist() if attr in self.dimensions: ret = cache[attr] = self.index[self].unique(level=attr) return ret.tolist() raise def __len__(self): return self.sum() @property def dimensions(self): """Return the list of index names & data coordinates""" return self.index.names @property def time(self): """The time index, i.e., axis labels related to the time domain. Returns ------- - A :class:`pandas.Index` (dtype 'int64') if the :attr:`time_domain` is 'year' - A :class:`pandas.DatetimeIndex` if the time-domain is 'datetime' - A :class:`pandas.Index` if the time-domain is 'mixed' """ ret = self._iamcache.get("time") if ret is None: ret = self._iamcache["time"] = ( self.index[self].unique(level=self.time_col).rename("time") ) return ret @property def time_col(self): return "year" if "year" in self.dimensions else "time" def __repr__(self): return
[docs] def info(self, n=80): """Print a summary of the represented index dimensions and data coordinates Parameters ---------- n : int The maximum line length """ # concatenate list of index dimensions and levels info = f"{type(self)}\nIndex dimensions and data coordinates:\n" c1 = max([len(i) for i in self.dimensions]) + 1 c2 = n - c1 - 5 info += "\n".join( [ f" {i:{c1}}: {print_list(getattr(self, i), c2)}" for i in self.dimensions ] ) return info